Today’s businesses are increasingly being called upon to offer their employees more healthcare options, greater control over their care, and an improved online experience. A white labeled version of Dental Optimizer enhances your members experience by providing mobile-optimized access to the latest and greatest web based tools without the cost of developing and maintaining new technology on your own.

Employers are searching for dental solutions.  As health inflation continues to rise, many large private-sector employers have had to drop dental benefits for part-time employees and family members.  
  • With the advent of the Affordable Care Act and Health Exchanges, companies will have to alter their focus from employer-sponsored coverage to individual health plans. With new restrictions placed on pre-existing exclusions, companies will also need to become more actively involved in promoting wellness initiatives among their customer base.
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Health carriers have always been focused on improving the health of their members.  But now, with the influx of new patients with relatively limited understanding of how to make informed decisions about their health as well as the new restrictions on pre-existing exclusions, it is important more important than ever that carriers become more actively  involved in providing tools that facilitate health-care decision making.