Prevention Products

A robust Dental directory in the cloud

Health care professionals know that prevention is the most efficient way to achieve and maintain oral health. But prevention isn't one size fits all; consumers have unique dental profiles, priorities and responsibilities. By recognizing that individuals need specific guidance, good prevention can supersede costly treatment. The Prevention Products are a suite of utilities that allow consumers to easily access research, dental tips and education based on their distinct oral health profiles. Along with articles and assessments, the Prevention Package includes listings of common medications and their oral health side effects. A database of prevention-based practices allows consumers to recognize your organization as both an instrument to evaluate oral healthcare and a tool for education. The Prevention Products package includes access to the following utilities and resources:

  • Walking into a dentist's office can be daunting, especially if your oral health is in question. The Oral Health Profile lets users answer questions about their habits and symptoms to help determine what prevention measures would be most helpful to them, while also providing a baseline for what their dentist appointment might cover. Users can track their oral health over time, prioritizing prevention over treatment.

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A searchable database of over 300 articles and blog posts detailing health tips, educational resources and general information about oral healthcare and products, our Dental Tips and Education creates a reliable resource for users to frequent. By adding a healthy catalogue of medically-informed communication, users can access sound health advice and research without leaving an organization's site.

  • Medications we take can often lead to oral health side effects. While not necessarily dangerous, it's important for users to be aware of adverse medication effects in order to be vigilant about preventative dental measures. A robust, searchable database provides users with information that details any oral health symptoms related to a specific medication, as well as dentist and pharmacist recommendations for response and treatment options. 

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