Dental Directory

A robust Dental directory in the cloud

Our dental directory was designed with your data in mind. We created a robust and flexible platform that can key off your provider data and unique search criteria. 

All of this with an interface that was created with your members in mind. Our easy to use directory combines your specific requirements with our pre-existing database of dentist created profiles that include items like images of dental offices, specific areas of practice, hours, and other special needs that will help your members find the right dentist for them.   

  • The features of our dental directory are designed for maximum ease of use. Not only is your branded directory supported across multiple platforms (including smart phones and tablets), but it's also easy for patients to access and operate. 

    Each member can link to their web or social media site, allowing for participating dentists to see greater and more engaged traffic.   For more questions or information, download our in-depth brochure.

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Indepth dental optimizer dental profiles

Potential patients are looking for far more than just the location of a dental practice. Your branded directory allows dental professionals in your network to create personal profiles that can educate prospective patients about their practice. In turn these dentists gain more business through the increased visibility that your branded dental directory provides.  

  • Dental optimizer –profile page
  • Claimed dental profiles include:

    • Photos 
    • Interactive patient tools 
    • Links directly to the dentist’s website or social media sites 
    • Answers to patient questions 
    • Contact button that emails dentist directly
    • Door-to-door directions
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  • Provide a VALUED service for your members and in network dentists
  • We recognize that belonging to your network adds value to your members and dentists. That's why the directory is fully customizable, and allows for organizational branding as a whole and across dentist listings.  Appointment requests and general queries do not navigate away from your organization's website, keeping traffic stable.

     Each dentist in the directory is featured prominently as a member of your network. Your organization can create a ready-to-use directory with proven and progressive web-based tools, all without spending a dime on developing or maintaining technology.

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