Ask A Dentist

Help your members Get the answers they need from the professionals.

Get your questions answered by dental professionals. Our Ask-A-Dentist platform provides a venue for your users to contact dentists directly with their oral health related questions. Early contact with Dentists can help remove the barrier for treatment and encourage prevention. These interactions can help reduce the occurrence and severity of oral health related issues. 

  • While it would be terrific if everyone were comfortable visiting the dentist at the first sign of trouble, the truth is that most of us wait until our oral health turns ill to seek help. That's not because we're simply shy; we genuinely might not know if the symptoms we're experiencing are a problem, or if the discomfort we're feeling will correct itself. Ask A Dentist can help patients prioritize their oral health, by giving them both viable options for a next step and genuine preventative guidance. 

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  • The set up is easy. We'll set up the Ask a Dentist platform on the website for your organization, and users can then log in at any time to ask real, accredited dental professionals for advice or resources. Within 48 hours, one of our member dentists would send a response, with follow-up available.

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